No. 447; “Freedom Lifts the Stars and Space”.


So yeah maybe I didn’t give that sitrep that weekend exactly a month ago, but I had lots of stuff on my mind. I guess the last month and the entire school year till this point has been quite hectic, but I’ll try to sum up the last month or so.

One of the most stressful things with IB has been that almost every internal assessment has been due during the late January or early February, and in fact my last one is my fifth Economics commentary which is due this monday. Most of the subjects I take have in a way reached their climax, and we are now just summarising the two years of studies before the mock exams in a month. Shortly, school’s been tense.

On a more personal level, my back has been really interesting like I mentioned before. I have had lots of “that hurts, not gonna do that again” type of experiences over the past month, and I have learnt and am still learning how to live with it on the short run and on the long run.

I guess I have also become closer to some people while becoming more distant to some other people at the same time. This has also been the case among my interests, and my daily routine. I think the best description I can give is that I have been streamlining my life.

In a way I have come to remember that I also need to take care of myself while still trying to get through everything I need to do. I have come to relax more after school or work, and most importantly do it properly, and have a clearer difference between times for myself and school.

I guess I have also lost my motivation for school to some extent. I don’t really mind going to school, but I just really want to get somewhere and just work and just live. At this point, I only care about less than a handful of things. One of those things is that I really want to work at a distillery at some point, and I am so close to actually inquiring about requirements for a job at a scotch distillery in the future. I also want to visit Japan.

I’ve come to hate my routine because it is now too focused on school, and I have been working on changing it so that the school really is only a part of it. I have been planning about starting to take a long walk or going swimming every day early in the morning, and also just allocating time for reading stuff in the evening for a good, long while before hitting bed. I think both of these things should make my routine more pleasant and they should be achievable, as I will have less projects to work on and less homework to do after the IAs are done.

I guess simple and ordinary is the way I’m heading, and I definitely could use a rest after these last couple of years. I’ll probably apply to some university this autumn, or then just start working, but at least next summer and autumn (and winter and spring in case army’s a no-go) should be pretty carefree. I could catch up with reading at least… 

"Just remember to be free and you will be the same as me,"



And sorry for posting long text posts at long intervals; short and short should be my goal but I seem to be too busy for that kind of system…

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