No. 427; Fucked Up Back.

Heard today that apparently the lowest vertebra of my back has moved 10mm towards the front, which in general means that I feel a sharp pain when bowing or doing any similar movement (after carrying anything even relatively heavy). Otherwise it’s just a bit wonky, and not too painful.

It’s most likely preventing the army draft on my part if it won’t be fixed by January 2013, and that’s what really pisses me off since I’ve to plan my next year again, and I really wanted to become a pioneer during the compulsory service. And also the fact that the back could have been screwed up at any (unknown) time during these eighteen years pisses me off.

Pushing the aforementioned update to sometime this weekend, since I’ve also felt pretty fluish this week and felt really tired (because of the flu I guess). 

Trying to stay alive with this wreck of a body, and lots of Sufjan Stevens and Iron & Wine to listen to while waiting for those ten first volumes of Twin Spica to arrive…


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